The new polyfunctional DRN building on Národní třída combines the style of baroque with modern architecture

The new polyfunctional DRN building was built on the corner of Národní třída and Mikulandská street. SEBRE group, the investor behind the whole project, worked with architect Stanislav Fiala, who intertwined the baroque Schönkirchov Palace in Mikulandská street with the new DRN building at Národní Třída. The building is located in the historical center of Prague, which combines different architectural styles from baroque through constructivism up to the contemporary style. The construction of DRN, which is significantly covered by greenery, took five years and cost 1.5 billion CZK. The building will be used for offices, galleries, a restaurant and a coffee shop. The final inspection of the building took place on 21 September 2017.


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„Material has memory and I wanted to preserve this history and breathe it into the new building.”

/ Stanislav Fiala, author of the building

„Retail premises have been filled completely by leaders in their respective fields, such as Zdeněk Sklenář Gallery, Petra Měchurová Studio, as well as the new concept of L'osteria restaurants which will open a two-story restaurant in the interior courtyard specializing in Italian cuisine and, last but not least, the new U Rarášků pub that follows up on the traditional Czech beer culture in a modern way. The office areas will be used by international pharmaceutical company SHIRE and Czech IT company NANO Energies.”

/ Jan Kubíček, CEO of SEBRE