Since ancient times, Czechs have searched for wisdom, strength, and solaceintheir national beverage, beer.

„I spend a lot of time in Belgrade, and there was no trace of Pilsner Urquell there. I kept waiting for somebody to distribute it there, but nothing happened, so we went to the brewery to convince them. Reluctant as they were in the beginning, it went throughin the end and now it has become a business. Nowadays, the number of pubs where we are present may go to hundreds, and we have taught Serbs to drink our beer.It was a kind of missionary work”

/ Jan Fidler, SEBRE shareholder

Červený jelen

Červený Jelen (Red Deer) is a pub located in the building ofthe former Anglo-Czechoslovak Bank, occupying its vault, bank hall, and piano nobile, where the bank management once resided. It was built in 1926 after the design of architect Josef Gočár. The present architectural concept works with references to Cubism, which made Gočár famous. TheCubist-shaped cut in the ceiling of the former vault created an open interconnection of the entire space.

The quality dishes served there are rendered by a team led by chefs Patrik Jaroš and Marek Fichtner.


U Matěje

With its gastornomy, location, and architecture, this pub of appreciated chef Jan Punčochář carries on the tradition of a place, where taverns date back to the 16th century. Apart from Jan Punčochář, the U Matěje pub is owned by other 49 friends of Jan Fidler.


  • U Matěje 152/1
  • 160 00 Praha 6
  • Czech Republic