Alenina Lhota, Czechia
Tourism and public catering constructions
Stanislav Fiala
General supplier
Současný majitel
SEBRE Holding; Petr Zahradník
Building of the year 2011, Mies van der Rohe Award 2011 nomination

What does the place where you built Čertovo břemeno golf course mean to you?

"It is a place where I spent most of my leisure time before I retired, and then I moved there. It represents great years spent with my wife, children, grandchildren, and now even with great-grandchildren."

What do the words Česká Sibiř evoke in you?

"A place of a little harsh weather, charming and friendly landscape with distinctive people who let their neighbour live in peace."

How would you define the architectural style of Stan Fiala?

"Cold in the beginning, gradually turning friendly, finally leading to admiration. I can see that others are also somewhat dismayed at first, and then excited.”

/ A fragment of an interview with Jiří Němec, the founder of Čertovo břemeno club

Čertovo břemeno


1,443 sqm of development area; 1 club room and restaurant; 2 suites


The club room is a building closely following the traditional ways of construction. The basic construction materials, such as concrete, bricks, stone, or wood remain exposed, unadorned, becoming thus a bold motif lending the building an impression of naturalness. Architect Fiala designed the building so that its users may perceive it as a return to nature. He made use of everything to the maximum – the paths are paved with oak blocks from cut-up branches and trunks of lumber oaks, the walls of the bar and reception are made of spruce off-cuts, solid chippings from manually hewed oak planks were used as backfill. The traditional way of construction reflects also in the use of joist ceilings, in working with hewed tree trunks used e.g. as timbering for the concrete frame, or in the fact that Fiala, in cooperation with structural engineer Vít Mázlovský, used grown tree forks to support the roof of the patio.