Belgrade, Serbia
Urban complex
Stanislav Fiala, FIALA + NĚMEC

"Stan Fiala always keeps coming up with things and trying to create something captivating, not just the regular conventional stuff. He has a thorough knowledge of the technical solutions, he is the kind of architect who never neglects any detail, he takes the pains of drawing every single bolt, to put it simple – at the price that it may get complicated sometimes. He has the constant urge to create something new, instead of getting stuck in some standard. Nothing is ever a routine with Stan, and what’s specific for SEBRE is, that it appreciates these values so much that they realize all their buildings with him. Marina Drocol is a project of a great potential which I believe will be materialized in full."

/ Jiří Václavů, Chief designer of the project

Marina Dorcol


Marina Dorcol is an urban project on the banks of the Danube river within a walking distance from the centre of Belgrade.

It spreads over 4.15 hectares of land adjacent to a former coal power plant from the 1930s, which the city of Belgrade intends to convert into a museum of Nikola Tesla.


The project will include renovating the current marina, creating a park along the former railroad track, and the construction of residential blocks with busy ground-level sections which will provide all civic facilities and which will be connected to the river banks.

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