Czech Republic
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“The functionality of the application and web sousedé.cz provides its users with an efficient and easy way to both connect and share information, plans, contracts, expenses, etc. Sousedé.cz offers this primarily to flat owners’ associations, housing cooperatives, and other subjects dealing with real estate operation and management, making their activities efficient and transparent. We would also like to reduce the inconvenience related to sessions of the cooperatives or associations.It may sometimes be rather difficult to organize them, and even when this is done successfully, the proceedings themselves may be quite exhausting. It seems attractive tome to transform such experience into something that provides a genuine benefit for all members of the communities around houses and makes their life easier.”

/ Jan Kubíček, investor of sousedé.cz


Project services

Property management, data storage, legal counselling, neighbour’s wiki, technical counselling, voting platform.


The main social commitment of sousedé.cz project is that of animating the communities. In case of apartment houses, sousedé.cz application is a tool intended for the owner, association committee, tenants, and caretakers. These areall able to get an overview of the current state of their building operation. The functions and capabilities of sousedé.cz application support proactivity, togetherness, and good neighbourly relations.

Sousedé.cz may be a helping hand and a space for sharing knowledge, experience, and good practices including legal services in the area of property management. This user-friendly application offers full-fledged control of all communities of which you are a member or which you founded.

You can access all necessary documents or photographs through your cellular phone, or, in case of a housing cooperative, you may report a defect or accident once identified, and you are communicating with your neighbours at the same time. You can also create a poll or an event with a deadline in the calendar. Everything is very simple and clear.