The 18-hole course is located in the heart of Jistebnickávrchovina natural park, which boastsgreat natural and aesthetic values.


The scattered relics of the stone burden which, according to a legend, a punished demon left there lend the course its typical character.

The historical value of the settlement and the landscape architecture is complementedby original houses as well as architect Stanislav Fiala’s contemporary buildings within the complex. The main building is the club room of Čertovobřemenoclub, awarded, apart from other prizes, by the Mies van RoheAward (EU Prize for Contemporary Architecture).

“Čertovo břemeno (Demon’s Burden) is actually a nearby rock, and there is, of course, a legend explaining its origins. It says that a demon was supposed to perform some task, or was serving some punishment, and had to bring a sack of stones before the cock would crow in order to avoid some kind of a curse.Of course, the cock crew before the demon arrived. So, he angrily threw them down here on the spot, and this is why the rock is called Demon’s Burden. Actually, the entire story is present here with all the stones, because it’s all around here, wherever you dig, it’s all one beautiful big rock.”

/ Stanislav Fiala, architect

Project scope

  • 18 holes; PAR 70; 5,780 sqm of enclosed area


SEBRE; Petr Zahradník

Čertovo Břemeno

Čertovo břemeno golf club provides the opportunity to playeven to those who do not own the green card. In order to be able to play, everybody who enters the Čertovo břemeno course (compliant with the Czech Golf Federation standards) needs training. This is possible during corporate events or during regular opening hours and it is available for both adults and children.

Golf is a play providing, apart from enjoying the sport,the experience ofa connection with the landscape. The premises of Čertovo břemeno offer an encounter with a beautiful hilly scenery with forests, views of fishponds and meadows scattered with stones and boulders. The location of Čertovo břemeno amidst the area called ‘the Czech Siberia’, however, offers much more. The local tourist and bike routes will lead you to such places as the folk architecture village of Ounuz, ruins of Zvěřinec castle, or Vítek z Prčice brewery. In winter, the area is also suitable for skiers. The nearby centre of Monínec will attract downhill skiers, there are also cross-country skiing routes in the vicinity of the complex that are maintained when the climatic condition sallow doing so.

  • Alenina Lhota 7
    Czech Republic