SEBRE incubator is a cradle of start-ups, bringing them to the world of services that enrich the community, simplify its life, or are innovative in some way.

Our incubator opens room for the improvement of peoples’ lives both in the area of entertainment and services.

Presently, SEBRE incubator hosts Mytitle, a company providing copyright protection using the blockchain technology, and sousedé.cz, an online platform providing services for housing cooperatives and flat owners’ associations. Until recently, a part of SEBRE incubator was also ARTINII, a film distribution platform which presently distributes films worldwide.

„We are trying to keep an open mind and cooperate with people who are much smarter than we are.”

Jan Fidler, shareholder of SEBRE


Sousedé.cz is a portal and a mobile application for flat owners’ associations and housing cooperatives as well as individuals, alliances, or organizations. Thanks to sousedé.cz, they may efficiently communicate, plan, coordinate activities and share documents and events. In addition,application and portal sousedé.cz allow using various services related to the life in the given city.


Drahobejlova 2433/12
Praha 9, 190 00
Czech Republic


Mytitle is a unique online tool allowing creative artists, manufacturing companies, artists, lawyers, and generally people with an idea or a know-how to obtain a proof of title to any document within seconds.

At the same time, it facilitates efficient work with a document archive which may be securely shared without fears of any potential information leak.


Hybernská 1034/5
110 00 Praha 1
Czech Republic


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