The cornerstone of SEBRE’s investment activities is sustainable development in the Czech Republic and Serbia. Its main feature is that all our projects are designed by architect Stanislav Fiala.

His unconventional approach to creation, his architectural and urbanistic sense, his love for craft, genuine and unconcealed materials, and “unvarnished” architecture form an unmistakable architectural touch with which SEBRE fully identifies.

Thanks to interconnecting civil engineering, architecture, and development, SEBRE has the opportunity of realizing such technically and organizationally demanding projects as the awarded construction of DRN on Národní avenue. It attracted attention especially by the interconnection of reconstructed Baroque Schönkirch Palace on Mikulandská street with the new building resembling a hill or a grassy clod, which is reflected in its Czech name, DRN.

“There are hundreds of ways to practice the architect's craft. Stanislav Fiala wields one of the most demanding ones, which is not seen very often. He has an incredible ability to improvise on the construction site, a willingness to talk to craftsmen and to take a journey to the unknown, unexpected, and unpredictable. It is often a great adventure with an uncertain end, but it seems to be a joyful journey, that participants will gladly remember for a long time.”

/ The jury evaluation for 'Architect of the Year 2019'