Prague, Czech Republic
Apartment complex
Stanislav Fiala, FIALA + NĚMEC

"One of the many reasons why SEBRE cooperates exclusively with architect Stan Fiala is the fact that his designs consistently consider what takes place around, who lives there. During the time of our cooperation, we have experienced reworking things up to more than ten times, as Stan wanted his solutions to meet the needs of the neighbourhood, civic associations, and preservationists while maintaining the solution’s attractiveness for us in terms of economy, business, and building construction as we see it. Šemíkův břeh is a project bearing a huge potential of fulfilling our goals as well as bringing benefits to the citizens of this Prague borough."

/ Jan Fidler, SEBRE shareholder

Šemíkův břeh


3 hectares of land; 50,000 sqm of designated residential space, administration space, and a ground-level section with shops and services


Smíchov a former industrial zone of Prague, is undergoing a massive transformation to a modern neighbourhood.

SEBRE continues its urban revitalisation endeavours with a project called Šemíkův Břeh. Our architectural concept reopens a now closed dilapidated private sports complex to the public. With the construction of a new residential complex with a busy parterre, this new addition will seamlessly connect to the surrounding classical estate of Smíchov borough.

In addition, the project provides easy and gradual access to the riverbank both for the purposes of practicing water sports or just for relaxation.