The architectural projects of SEBRE are highly demanding in terms of attention to detail and capability to improvise in response to the momentary situation.

In the area of building construction, SEBRE exclusively cooperates with HINTON, a company for which a great emphasis on quality and personal approach to customers are typical.

In 2011, fresh from the financial crisis of 2008, Jan Fidler with respected personalities of the Czech construcion market Zdeněk Burda, Petr Šimon, and Petr Dvořák, established construction company HINTON while the construction industry was still in decline. HINTON decided to focus exclusively on the private sector.

I contacted my former boss, Skanska group CEO Zdeněk Burda, with whom we then agreed that we would get the best people on the market and convince them that, despite the ongoing crisis, it makes sense to start a construction company from scratch. That was in the autumn of 2011. These were the origins of HINTON construction company.

/ Jan Fidler, SEBRE shareholder


8 years on the market, 112 finished projects, 8 ongoing projects, turnover of CZK 1.25 bn, 134 employees, 5 divisions


By 2015, the firm's rapid rise showed CZK 1 billion in turnover. Hinton currently generates CZK 1.25 billion of annual turnover and employs 134 people. 

Within 8 years, HINTON has ranked among the top ten construction companies in the Czech Republic. Since its incorporation, HINTON has tallied several awards, such as Building of the Year, the Association of Building Entrepreneurs Award, the CKAIT and Ministry of Culture Award, the ECSN Award, Green Roof of the Year, Leed V4 gold, and other awards. We are also a proud supporter of world champion and Olympic snowboardcross winner Eva Samkova as well as of the Sunfor Everyone Endowment Fund.

Vinohradská 1597/174
Praha 3 – Vinohrady
130 00, Czech Republic