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“Large numbers of films are made all over the world, of which common people have no chance to know as they do not get into the international distribution. Still, these films have the potential of addressing certain audiences in various countries. These may be small communities of about 100 people, interested  either in a specific genre, some specific topic, etc.ARTNIIallows, apart from single presentations of popular films, the distribution of such specific films. Thanks to its explorer, it offers producers all over the world the opportunity of addressing audiences who would otherwise never learn about their work.The audiences may similarly find cinematography treasures they would never encounter without ARTINII. This way, ARTINII distributes films all over the world, even for one film night in a small village for the local enthusiasts interested in organizing a legal projection of movies from various continents, be it a voluntary fire brigade, a group of weekend cottagers, or 1960s films enthusiasts.”

/ Jan Fidler, SEBRE shareholder


Project services

Searching for relevant audio-visual content, legal platform of audio-visual work projection, distribution impact analytics


In order to simplify the entire process, Artinii has developed its own player and analytic system, searching for films of similar topic or genre. The player, which every user or organizer or small or larger events may easily download, allows viewing films legally for very affordable prices.

The supporting software enables rightsholders to protect their audio-visual work as well as track the number of plays. ARTINII's growing collection of films comprises numerous genres fromforeign classics to your beloved, maybe sometimes hard-to-reachgenre.

Our goal is to providevariouscommunities a reason to get together and inspire one another with the topics in which they are interested. All that is needed to view a film to your liking from all over the world, is two loudspeakers, a projector, and the patented ARTINIIplayer.