SEBRE enters into technology company ARTINII

The investment company SEBRE is expanding its scope of cinematographic activities and is joining the technology startup ARTINII. The platform that provides global distribution of thematically focused movies uses unique technology to bring together viewers and movie makers. Viewers can legally watch movies from all over the world, while the creators can offer their movies to audiences they could not reach otherwise.


Saopštenje | Kinematografija | ARTINII


„I knew about many movies that were based on books which were bestsellers in the Czech Republic. I wanted to get a hold of these movies and do a screening. But the whole communication with distributors was very complicated and dragged on for a long time. Even though I did manage to organize the festival in the end, I started to look for some easier solution for when I find a specialized movie and want to rent it and screen it for one evening to a group of people, maybe making a bit of profit along the way.”

/ Ctirad Hemelík, founding partner