Such values asquality and tradition are the bedrock supporting all our projects.


It is the reason why we look for them also in the area of furniture, which we entered by investing in the Premium Design Group (PDG).

PDG either owns or co-owns the award-winning manufacturer Javorina and high-end furniture distributors, KONSEPTI and Royal Comfort.    

“By merging with PGD, we are getting a strong partner both in the field of private projects and the B2B sector, in which we started growing significantly again in the recent years.The support and know-how of SEBRE’s experienced investors as well as of Jaroslav Havel will be a breath of fresh air for the entire group.”

/ David Řezníček, founder of KONSEPTI


JAVORINA builds upon respecting environment and sustainability by using natural materials in traditional ways, including oils and glues. The material cycle of manufacture produces only minor amounts of waste.In the Slovak city of Spišská Belá near the Vysoké Tatry mountains, furniture has been manufactured since 1947. In 1999, designer Leo Čellár became the chairman of the production cooperative.

The PDG group currently owns 100% shares of JAVORINA.

Továrenská 29
059 01 Spišská Belá
Slovak Republic


In 1995, Lucie and David Řezníček founded KONSEPTI to import furniture of worldwide famous brands to the Czech Republic. Duringmore than 20 years on the market, KONSEPTI expanded its portfolio from three to forty-eight brands. In addition to that, KONSEPTI cooperates with top designers to offer high-end interior solutions.

The PDG group currently owns a 50% share of KONSEPTI and D1ONE.

Komunardů 32,
170 00 Praha 7
Czech Republic


D1ONE is an e-shop and ONE-of-a-kind shop next to highway D1. D1ONE offers a selection of assortment of KONSEPTI products for affordable prices.

The PDG group currently owns a 50% share of KONSEPTI and D1ONE.

Čestlice 289
251 01 Čestlice
Czech Republic


Kartell entered the Czech market through KONSEPTI in 2006 when its first location opened in Prague. Kartell was created by Giuli Castelli and was built on the principles of innovation and technology. The company expanded from car accessories and lab equipment to furniture, lights and interior accessories. A new impulse came in 1998 when Claudio Luti became the president of the company. He was a business partner of Gianni Versace for many years and brought a lot of insight from the fashion world that was later imprinted on Kartell.

Revoluční 14
110 00 Praha 1
Czech Republic


Since 2012, ROYAL COMFORT is the exclusive importer of luxury beds and mattresses of traditional American brands King Koil and Serta, which have been on the market for over 100 years. Their beds and mattresses are complemented by quality bedding lines of the Swiss brand Christian Fischbacher and by the English King of Cotton. Royal Comfort can be found in Prague, Karlovy Vary, Brno and in Hradec Králové.

PDG currently owns 100% of shares of ROYAL COMFORT.

Vinohradská 37/13
120 00, Praha 2
Czech Republic