Marina Dorćol | Development

SEBRE Marina Dorcol d.o.o., srpska podružnica SEBRE a.s. iz Češke Republike i gradjevinsko preduzeće EX ING B&P d.o.o. iz Beograda potpisali su danas načelni sprorazum o izgradnji stambenog naselja "Marina Dorćol". Sporazumom izmedju dve kompanije definisana su sva načela saradnje na izgradnji naselja od oko 120 hiljada metara kvadratnih, koje će pored stanova sačinjavati i komercijalni sadržaji, javni prostori, novi park i marina sa vezom za oko 40 čamaca.


The shareholder structure of Premium Media Group was joined by the SEBRE group of subsidiaries Peter Němec and Jan Fidler. SEBRE bought a fifty percent share in the five year old media house, the other half is still held by the founding partner Jaroslav Havel from the law firm Havel & Partners.

Komunardu XXXV | Development

Investment company SEBRE in cooperation with its partner Property Solutions commenced the construction of a polyfunctional house in Prague Holešovice, on a corner plot between the Přístavní and Komunardů streets. The construction itself will be overseen by HINTON. The newly created building should offer almost forty above-standard apartments and non-residential premises for offices and shops. The author of the design and implementation is architect Stanislav Fiala.

ARTINII | Kinematografija

The investment company SEBRE is expanding its scope of cinematographic activities and is joining the technology startup ARTINII. The platform that provides global distribution of thematically focused movies uses unique technology to bring together viewers and movie makers. Viewers can legally watch movies from all over the world, while the creators can offer their movies to audiences they could not reach otherwise.

My Title | SEBRE Inkubator

SEBRE invests into new technology whose aim is to protect copyrighted works against misuse. With the help of the new MYTITLE technology, files can be stored in digital form in a private storage repository, where they are encrypted by MYTITLE and this information is then saved as a digital record in the blockchain in the form of a hash code, whereas the user is given a certificate with all the required information.

DRN | Development

The new polyfunctional DRN building was built on the corner of Národní třída and Mikulandská street. SEBRE group, the investor behind the whole project, worked with architect Stanislav Fiala, who intertwined the baroque Schönkirchov Palace in Mikulandská street with the new DRN building at Národní Třída. The building is located in the historical center of Prague, which combines different architectural styles from baroque through constructivism up to the contemporary style. The construction of DRN, which is significantly covered by greenery, took five years and cost 1.5 billion CZK. The building will be used for offices, galleries, a restaurant and a coffee shop. The final inspection of the building took place on 21 September 2017.


SEBRE is commencing the distribution of Pilsner Urquell beer in Serbia. The whole of Serbia will now be able to enjoy this world-renowned lager whose tradition dates back to 1842.

Avala Studios Beograd | Kinematografija

Investment company SEBRE enters into AVALA Studios Beograd in Serbia – the oldest and largest film-making company in former Yugoslavia. The goal of the AVALA Studio Beograd project is to build new Hollywood-type modern film studios that could be used by complicated and demanding projects not only by the Serbian movie industry but also by foreign productions.