„We try to keep our heads open and work with significantly smarter people than we are.“

Petr Němec

The SEBRE Incubator is a cradle for start-ups that brings services to our world that is revolutionary. Our incubator opens the door to improving people's lives in entertainment and services that secure and validate creative original work. Currently, our Incubator is supporting Mytitle and Artinii. Mytitle utilises the latest in blockchain technology in certifying original work the moment it was created. Artinii, provides communities of interest licenses to screen films which they are searching for by working directly with rightsholders. Their growing catalogue of films includes Academy Award-winning films to specialised movies of interest e.g. cycling, documentaries and most genres. As the vanguard of new distribution, Artinii can identify and approach selected societies to place films from the catalogue for targeted semitheatrical/nontheatrical screenings directly to the public.


revolution community based film distribution across the world


blockchain based sollution for securely storing ownership and creative info


Artinii is a new distribution channel that enables films to be viewed legally by anyone, anywhere. By working directly with rightsholders, the general public can secure the rights and publicly screen a film. Artinii's custom Player maintains the cinematic quality of a film and adds security measures for the rightsholder while being intuitive for the general public. The supporting software enables rightsholders to track the number of plays of their work while the recommendation engine assists audience in discovery of a new favourite film. Artinii's growing collection of films consists of numerous genres, e.g. local to foreign classics, and documentary films which relate to numerous communities of interest. Our goal is to unite diverse communities and share with them the films that they are looking for be it Academy-Award entry, a film on cycling, or a revealing documentary. All that is needed to showing a film, is the patented Artinii Player, an HDMI cable, a projector, speakers, screen, and some good friends.


Mytitle is a unique online tool that allows everyone who creates original or creative work to certify and protect their files. Using the latest in blockchain technology, all work is timestamped to verify when work was entered into the system. Each file uploaded to Mytitle receives a certificate of ownership validating when a file was encrypted and saved. This certificate acts as a secondary form of evidence in case ownership needs to be substantiated in court. Personal data and privacy are further enhanced by cryptographic hashing. Mytitle, seeks no less than to be the future of creativity and sharing securely across industries from legal service to creative enterprises.







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